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By Phil M Jones

If you consider yourself to be in business – whether you are a graphic designer, an accountant or in the engineering business – it is your responsibility to instigate, drive and control the development of your business. For most people, business growth will evolve around an increase in sales or customers. However, all too often we are scared to be seen as ‘sales people’ and so for fear of being ‘pushy’ we let countless opportunities pass us by.
This book is Your TOOLBOX, designed to inspire you throughout your sales process using tried, tested and proven methods to WIN MORE BUSINESS.

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Price : £4.11

Magic Words

By Phil M Jones

Magic Words contains tried tested and proven communication strategies helping you to feel more confident and improve your results from every human interaction

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Straight Forward – To More Appointments

By Phil M Jones

In today’s world of modern selling many people look to overcomplicate simple strategies by adding unnecessary details, making tasks seem more difficult, and presenting their complicated methodologies as fancy acronyms that result in no more than trainers feeling important and the audience left confused.

These Straight Forward guides cut out the fluff, de-mystify the nonsense and present tried tested and proven solutions to the challenges faced by sales people on a daily basis.

Designed as a light read, this is a book to accompany a cup of coffee, facilitate a sales meeting or invigorate some of that travel time. Relax, enjoy your read and remember some of the reasons you started in this profession.

Price : £5.99
Price : £2.05

There is no doubt that if you want more customers you need to make more appointments. This book will help you learn some easy to use techniques in an easy to read and quick format.

Adrian Nicholls – Evesham Debt advisors

Phil makes everything so simple. I have found by taking his advise, our business has grown tremendously. In Straight Forward he again, in a very light manner makes sales very easy. Thank you again Phil.

Chris Phillips