What is it that makes Phil different?

Here is what Phil says…

“In the past I have found myself finishing a piece of work and asking the question to people “How did I do?” and then received glowing compliments about my work that made ME feel great. A short while ago I realised that I was asking the wrong question.

It is irrelevant how I perform on stage and what people think of MY performance. In simplicity, It’s nothing to do with ME, it is about how YOU feel and how YOU act following my work that becomes the true measure of success.

What makes me unique is that I am ME and that, I am sure, is
enough of a differentiator to ensure that I stand out in a very crowded market place.
I am not claiming to be able to change your life, I may just be the catalyst to change how you think, what you feel and the actions YOU choose to take.
Based on what others say here are a few things that working with me could do for you.

Watch Phil’s Showreel

  • YOU will be entertained
  • YOU will laugh
  • YOU will feel uncomfortable
  • YOU will feel empowered
  • YOU will feel inadequate
  • YOU will learn from my experiences
  • YOU will feel my passion
  • YOU will feed on my enthusiasm
  • YOU will have renewed belief
  • YOU will have new skills
  • YOU will be reminded of things that you already knew
  • YOU will develop new ideas
  • YOU will grow
  • YOU will have practical solutions to real world challenges
  • YOU may be inspired
  • YOU may even think “why didn’t I think of that?”

Lets get back to the point.

What is it that makes me stand out?

Why should someone pick me?

I think the answer is simple.

My mission is to change the way that people think. I will ask more questions than I provide answers, I will change the vantage point that you look at your circumstances and you will then have to make some choices.

If I can change the way you think and you choose to answer the questions that I raise, then you may just take a new direction, take new actions, be more, achieve more and realise more of the potential that I know is inside of you! “

I attended an ISMM seminar on 13 February to listen to Phil speak on “Magic Words”. His delivery was excellent and the subject matter delivered in an easy to understand and easy to remember format. I am looking for my next chance to use some of the things Phil taught us.

Mike Croot – Sales Director at Cetix Ltd

Wow this guy is good ! “Magic words” that really get results. One of the best speakers that I have seen on the circuit.

Mark Jenkins – Area Business Manager at Egbert H. Taylor & Co. Ltd

Phil is an excellent speaker for Tracey and myself at our Business Growth Shows.He is very well received by his audience, and just as importantly as his content, he is very personable and well liked.As an Event Director, he is great to work with, and I am happy to recommend Phil to anyone

Neil Davis – Business Owner at The Sterling Integrity Business Show

Phil had a great presentational style, and delivered his message in a simple straight forward way was focused, easy to relate to and understand.

Derek Smeeton – Director at DGS Accounting Services Ltd

Phil attended our annual Holidaysplease conference, to give us his expert knowledge in the field of sales, it was informative and many points were written down to use as he was able to use many different ways of achieving the end result which has motivated me, I will implement many of his ideas in my daily work practice, thank you Phil for a fantastic seminar.

Nichola Luke – Holidays please

Working with Phil is always interesting, entertaining and enlightening. We have spoken on each others stages at various events and I can’t wait to run our joint event later in the year. His understanding of his industry and his clients needs is exceptional, and no matter how many times you meet him you will always learn something new! Real, simple, practical advice that works.

Chris Perks – Lead Tutor at Squared Online

I was lucky to be in the audience recently and hear Phil present to an audience of forward-thinking business owners about the power of using LinkedIn as a sales tool. Phil is an incredible speaker who clearly knows what he’s talking about. I learned so much from listening to Phil and would recommend anyone who wants to get more sales to work with him.

Mark Wickersham – Added Value Solutions Ltd

Phil did a great job for us at a recent conference for 200 people. He ran a one hour slot in the afternoon that absolutely hit the button. Feedback was tremendous – couldn’t have been better – and our people all got loads of value. He definitely knows his stuff. Very impressive.

Nigel Botterill – Entrepreneur’s Circle